8 Best Things to Do in Bowen, Queensland, Australia

Beach - best things to do in Bowen, Queensland, Australia

Located in the Whitsunday Region on the eastern coast of Queensland, Australia, Bowen is a coastal town. It is one of the most charming regions in Australia, known for its award-winning palm-fringed beaches, warm tropical climate, and breathtaking bays. Bowen provides its visitors with a veritable paradise with around eight spectacular beaches to explore and enjoy.

If you’re planning to visit Bowen with your family or friends, make a proper plan to create life-long memories from this trip. The town offers countless exciting and fun things to do for its residents as well as tourists.

Looking for ideas on what to do in Bowen with your family or friends? Continue reading. In this post, you will find 8 top things that you can do in the town. So, let’s get started:

Bowen Historical Museum

If you are someone who loves to know the history of every place you visit, the Bowen Historical Museum should be your top priority. It is one of the renowned local history and heritage museums in Central Queensland. Here, you can find an excellent collection of historical and memorabilia artifacts related to industrial, geological, and Aboriginal history.

The Big Mango

Bowen is prominently known for its mangoes across the globe. If you’re visiting the city, do not skip stopping off and taking selfies with the Big Mango situated at the Bowen Information Centre on the Bruce Highway. This 10-meter mango represents what Bowen is popular for.

Flagstaff Hill

Flagstaff Hill provides you with a 360-degree view of eye-popping Bowen. You can enjoy the stunning view of the lighthouse and small bays with the help of binoculars; which are mounted on the hill. There is a cafe on the top, named 360 on Flagstaff Cafe; famous for its friendly staff and mouth-watering cuisines.

Beaches of Bowen

Bowen is famous for its eight pristine beaches, covered within 10 minutes of distance. Surrounded by astonishing coastline, each beach features a distinct charm and offers something unique for every tourist. All these beaches are perfect for enjoying a refreshing & safe swim, memorable picnic, lazy afternoon under the sun, and a lot more.

Abbot Point

Abbot Point is located around 19 km north of Bowen. Founded in 1984, this is the most northerly coal-shipping port of Australia; which can handle up to 24 million tonnes of coal every year.

The Bowen Courthouse

Built years back in 1880, Bowen Courthouse is a large and remarkable heritage-listed building at 30 Williams Street. This two-storey building is still in use and includes most of the original features and furniture. A perfect place to visit with your kids and friends.

Grays Bay

Grays Bay is a wondrous picturesque place in Queensland. As this bay is quite sheltered, it is perfect for kids as well as elders to participate in lots of activities like paddleboarding, swimming, and more.

Walks Around Bowen

Last but not least, do not skip walking around Bowen, if you want to get the best out of your Bowen trip. There are several hiking trails around the town including Kings Beach Walk, Front Beach, Hansen Park to Horseshoe Bay Walk, Queens Bay Walk, and more. Walk around these scenic trails with your close friends and make some wonderful tracking memories for life.
These are some of the must-do things in the Bowen that you should include in your list. So pack your backpack and get ready to visit this awe-inspiring place with your loved ones!

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