How to Travel the World Without Leaving Your Home

top view of feet and welcome mat on porch - how to travel the world without leaving your home

We here at Just the Travel miss travel a lot. Bound to our homes as we are during this pandemic, though, we’re determined not to let restrictions dampen our spirit of exploration.

When travel restrictions are lifted in the coming months, we’ll give you some travel ideas for places that might be a little closer to home. Hopefully they’ll let you get out, support local economies that need it and keep a little more cash in your wallets. If you’re anything like us, we’re guessing you’ll need that, too.

In the meantime, let’s focus on travel ideas for the one place we should all definitely be spending time: the home.


Lots of museums have virtual tours that you can take without leaving your computer. Google Arts & Culture has collected virtual tours from museums around the world. Take a trip through the British Museum, the Met, the Van Gogh Museum, the Uffizi Gallery, the Acropolis Museum, even the Palace of Versailles. Check it out - their list is extensive.

More of a theatre goer? Britain’s National Theatre is streaming some of their previous productions on YouTube. Head to their website to see what’s playing. The Metropolitan Opera is also offering free streaming, if opera is more your jam. Both institutions are asking for donations, which you should consider. The arts have been hard hit by this pandemic.

International Flavour

Is there somewhere you’ve always wanted to go? Bring that place home to you. Order take-out from a restaurant that serves that country’s cuisine. If there’s a grocery store that specializes in that cuisine, place an order there and then make a few of that country’s signature dishes. Put on a playlist of that country’s music, either traditional or contemporary. Watch a film that’s big in that country.

Find virtual tours, documentaries or video footage of the tourist attractions you would most like to see. You can even take the weekend and do some online language classes so you can learn a few phrases and speak the language with family or roommates.

Retreat to the Country

sun on grass and river - how to travel the world without leaving your home

Clear your furniture to the sides of a room and have a picnic on the floor. Screen video footage of a mountain or forest setting in the background for some authentic nature sounds. If you have lots of house plants, bring them all into one room to surround yourself with greenery.

If you have kids, set up a tent in the living room and let them sleep in there. Let them use the stairs, the couches or the counters as mountains to climb. Climb them yourself. You’re at home. No one is judging you. Just please be safe.

If you have a yard, you can do all these things outside and actually, actually be surrounded by nature. There’s lots to explore in a yard. Hike the perimeter. Learn the names of the trees and plants in and around you. Take up bug and bird watching with the same enthusiasm you would have if you were on safari. These creatures might not be huge or spectacular, but they’re still really cool. This is your chance to get reacquainted with just how cool they are.

Romantic Getaway

Turn your home (or part of it) into a high-end hotel. Think chocolates on the pillow, flowers, crisp towels, all the details you love about staying in a hotel.

Now take the morning and clean your bedroom and bathroom really well. This part sucks, but stay with me. Put personal mementos away so everything looks guest-ready. Change the art in your room, even. Watch a tutorial on turning towels into swans. Whatever. Just make your space a little less familiar.

For dinner, make the kind of meal you’d only find at a high-end restaurant. You can find inspiration by looking up the menus of famous restaurants and recreating at least 2 courses of dishes. After dinner, the night is your oyster. Yes, you can set up a martini bar and make your living room a lounge. Or go clubbing in your kitchen with the music turned loud. Or take a romantic bath with rose petals and candles. Or a moonlit stroll through your neighbourhood, staying 2 metres away from everyone else. It’s all up to you.

The more fun and imagination you put into this, the more you’ll get out of it. We can’t really recreate the wide, wide world, but we can recreate the feeling we get exploring it.

Feature image: Kelly Lacy; image 1: Mabel Amber

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