Visual Tours of Contemporary Art Exhibitions

detail of choir stall in salisbury cathedral - spirit and endeavour virtual tour

COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus has changed many of our lives. We have had to rethink the way we live. Many of us have experienced lockdown in our homes and relied heavily on technology to help get us through. There are so many great online resources, that were in existence prior to Coronavirus, but there has been a much greater appreciation for these during times of lockdown for many people.

If you want an experience that allows you to feel as if you are really there, you should consider a contemporary art exhibition virtual tour. Whether you are viewing from the comfort of your bed, your bath or the sofa in your living room, you can enjoy a virtual tour. The Spirit and Endeavour tour celebrates some of the most important and influential contemporary artists in the 20th and 21st centuries.

You will enjoy all of these incredible works of art from a computer or laptop and can spend as long as you would like viewing and reflecting on certain pieces. Unlike with a real exhibition, you may feel you need to move along quickly and talk quietly, but when you enter this contemporary art exhibition virtual tour, you can spend the time you need and chat with your family about how each piece makes you feel or its significance. Now is the perfect time to open your children up to the world of art!

Many people avoid bringing their children along to art exhibitions due to the fear of disturbing others who are trying to enjoy; whether you have a screaming baby or a younger child asking endless questions, you can enjoy a virtual tour with them without upsetting anyone else. Perhaps you have dinner in the oven and need to pop away for a bit? You can resume your tour whenever you have the time.

No matter what part of the world you are in, you can join this contemporary art exhibition virtual tour! No need to worry about travelling, ticket prices and other factors that can make attending an art exhibition expensive and potentially unaffordable; simply join the tour and just enjoy the art. Most free virtual tours will ask that you make a donation and we highly recommend that you do. These resources are invaluable at current times and without them, it would leave many people feeling as though they are missing out on so much.

So, call up your friends or other family members and plan to get on a call with each other and join a contemporary art exhibition virtual tour together! It isn’t quite like old times, but it definitely a new way of doing the things you love and a way to keep connected with those around you.

Feature image: Stewart Black

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