Ways to Tailor Your Trip to Italy with a Custom Tour


Italy is one of the best countries in the world to visit in terms of culture, lifestyle, landscape and artistic and historical heritage. There are so many attractions and things to see, and Italian lifestyles are such a vibrant mix of different atmospheres, places and times. 

Luckily, the peninsula is relatively small and allows travellers to visit a lot of different locations in one trip. But how can you be sure to see everything you want? One of the best ways to have the perfect holiday is with custom Italy tours that let you design your vacation to fit your own specifications. 
With an all-inclusive experience, you can be sure that all your expectations will be met. Here is a quick guide on what you could customize in your Italy trip. 

Custom Destinations 

You can visit Rome, Florence and the Tuscan countryside, but also Venice, Milan, Turin, Naples, the Amalfi Coast and Sicily, as well. And why not see Lake Como, too? Italy is a small country but with huge environmental biodiversity, so in a short time you can reach a lot of different natural beauties.

Italy’s landscapes are breathtaking, from the sea to the Dolomites. Get the best out of your holiday with a full custom Italy tour that covers the entire peninsula in well-selected stops, so that you can see as much of the country as possible. 

You can adapt your tour to your tastes, like spending a longer time at beach and seaside locations rather than the mountains, or vice versa. Another destination customization is to dedicate your trip mostly to Italy’s many important cities and to focus on this country’s fashion, art, history and heritage. 

Get a tour with central stops in region capitals, and then go for day visits in nearby smaller villages to see landscapes. This way, you can get back to the city for dinner and enjoy the Italian nightlife while discovering its numerous attractions, too. 

The best customization a travel agent can offer is the one about locations and places you want to see. Pick what suits you best and live your Italian dream. 

Custom Accommodation 


There is no better way to enjoy Italy than with all the people you love. This country can offer amazing fun activities for a group of friends or for families and children, but it’s of course a romantic honeymoon destination as well. 

So when you customize your tour, make sure to consider rooms and accommodations. Be specific not only about how many people you are travelling with (both adults and children), but also what type of lodging you expect. 

Do you want a double, triple or quadruple room? Do you prefer them to be adjoining? Think about your company and pick the best solution for your stay according to what’s most comfortable, practical and close to your ideal holiday. 

 Also consider the style of the place you would like to stay in, as this is important in order to make your Italian dreams come true. Are you thinking about a countryside villa with a rustic vibe or a contemporary attic flat in the city centre? A luxurious boutique hotel or a cozy cottage in the village?
Lastly, communicate to your trusted travel agency what your priorities are in terms of accommodation so they can offer an Italy tour customized for you. 

Do you prefer your accommodation to be strategically close to transport and attractions so as to optimize your commute time? Or do you want a far-off, beautiful place with privacy and quiet that can feel completely yours, for a more romantic experience? 

If you appreciate practicality and function, you can even make a list of technical features you want your accommodation to include so you will always have what you need during your Italian stay. For example, you can ask for a hairdryer, a bath or a tea station so you know you will be comfortable in every stop of your tour.

Custom Wishes and Expectations 

Italy is a wonderful country, and it offers so much that arranging the perfect trip can be difficult. The key to a great Italy tour, however, is to make it personal. 

Everyone is different and values different things. For example, the Colosseum is a must-see attraction, but some people might want to spend the whole day there, while others might prefer using their time in Rome to savour a tasty cacio e pepe. So be clear about your interests, your passions and your preferred way of being a tourist.

Talk to your travel agent about how you most enjoy visiting a museum or discovering a new city. You might get positively galvanized by walking the crowded streets of Naples, with its colours, smells and sounds or you might consider a private walk in the Vatican Museums ideal; only you and the artworks in a really intimate, close connection with no one else around. 

Another important factor to consider when you're thinking through your custom Italy tour is the reason you chose this as your holiday destination. To help you create the trip of your dreams, make a list of what you like most about Italy: you can include all the foods you would like to taste, the spots you would like to see or the experiences you would like to live first-hand. 

Once you have your list, start combining it with your trip and communicate it to your trusted travel agency. This way your tour will be all your own.

Do you have Italian ancestors and want to visit the village of your great-grandparents? Just say so, and your travel agency can not only plan it, but also suggest other things you might enjoy nearby. 

Are you a big Ferrari fan? Then visit Maranello, where their factory is and drive a real Ferrari car. Are you a fashionista? Then make sure to plan your trip around Milan's fashion week and its catwalks.


Customization is all about making a trip personal, so don’t be afraid to state your exact expectations. With the right agency, your wildest dreams can become a reality. It only takes a little bit of organization.

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Feature image: Mathew Schwartz; Image 1: Maegan White

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