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Taking a trip across Australia in an RV is a once in a lifetime experience. A lot of tourists swear by the pleasures of RV travel, but travelling in one across the Australian continent offers a whole new level of experience on the road and even at the campsite. 

Australia in general is one of the most interesting places in the world to visit, but Australia is an especially big draw for folks who love van life because you can cover a lot of ground with relative ease. Regardless of the time of year, you can explore a ton of places with an RV, whether in bustling cities, laid-back towns or far off the beaten track

RV Travel Tips

If this is your first time planning an RV trip, you have come to the right place. Below are some useful tips on how to have the best possible trip while traveling with an RV. 

Do a Trial Run Before You Leave

If you’ve never travelled by RV with your loved ones before, it’s smart to do a test run in your home country to figure out how much space your family will actually use and how large an RV you’ll need to rent to keep everybody happy.

The size of an RV should depend not just on how many people you’re travelling with, but on what your itinerary is and how much time you’ll spend in the RV. 

To choose the best RV for your trip, look for additional amenities like a shower, toilet and cooking facilities. Choose a van with more space for greater comfort and storage.

Learn the Rules of the Road

Learning the different road rules that you’ll encounter on the continent is a good idea before you even leave home. Road rules aren’t consistent across states and territories, so when you do your research, look into the exact state or territory you plan on visiting.

Depending on where you’re coming from, you might need to learn not just different road signs, but different driving laws and customs. You might even need to prepare yourself to drive on the other side of the road! 

You won’t be able to prepare for driving on the opposite side of the road, but knowing what to expect can make the transition smoother. Reach out to local auto clubs and other RVers to learn about local road conditions before heading into a new area.

Make the Most of Good Weather, But Be Prepared 

Each of Australia's many territories has its own climate, and you’ll get great opportunities to head to places that suit you best. You could travel to the north and take advantage of warmer weather or head to Tasmania’s cooler climes and get in some ideal camping time.

The differing weather patterns also mean you’ll need to be prepared for anything. When traveling through Australia's hot regions, for example, running your AC with a generator is a must. Travelers are advised to check the local weather before they head to a new location.  Bushfire is among the possible risks you can avoid by getting weather updates. 

Use Caution Around Wildlife 

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Australian wildlife can be harmed by road traffic if you are not careful. Therefore, RV travelers to the Outback must exercise extra caution to enjoy wildlife at a safe distance. 

By driving your RV at the required speed and keeping an eye out for animals like snakes sunning themselves on the road, you can avoid putting wildlife in danger. 

Take Advantage of Australia’s Numerous Parking Areas 

It is usually safe to park an RV overnight in more secure parking lots. To avoid having to pay fines, check to see if RVs can be left in a particular spot legally. 

Australia is expensive to visit, and parking in a lot can be a huge money saver, especially if you want to visit larger towns and cities. Campgrounds and resorts offer more amenities, certainly, but sometimes you don’t need much and you can get by in a basic parking area. 

Bring Extras of Things You Need 

Bring more of the essentials than you think you might need if you’re heading to any remote areas. The Australian heat can be quite dangerous, and you’ll need plenty of water to stay hydrated. 

You’ll also want plenty of food and basics like toilet paper in case you get stuck somewhere and need to wait for help to arrive.

Van life doesn’t require a lot of stuff, but if you want to go adventuring, keep comfortable clothes and walking shoes handy—you might need to layer up or down as the day warms and cools. And remember to bring extra sunscreen because, as stated earlier, some parts of Australia can get very hot. 

Find Locations and Make Reservations in Advance

Find potential destinations months before the trip, and book accommodations early if you find someplace you really want to visit. The states of Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales are just a few of the stunning places in Australia that can accommodate RVs, but campgrounds and resorts in stunning places fill up fast. 

RV camping is a really popular way to see the country, so RVs and campers tend to get scooped very early, especially in peak seasons. Make your rental reservation as soon as you can so you won’t be disappointed.

Make Your Itinerary as Detailed as You Can

First-time RV travelers must rely on a detailed itinerary. It should include not just the places you want to see, but gas stations, powered sites, parking areas and supermarkets.

Avoid unplanned routes unless you have to use them or unless you have excellent guidance from a local. Not sticking to the itinerary may ruin the whole experience, so make plans ahead of time and keep them. 


With these travel tips, your Australian RV trip will be amazing. You can treat the van like your second home wherever you go. Just plan your itinerary early, be prepared for emergencies and get ready to enjoy this incredible country.

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